Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!

U-Fit-Pro-50g-Iced Latte

Some of you may have noticed that we have got a new addition to the UFIT family. That’s right… your favourite iced coffee is now bigger and better than ever!


So why did we decide to create this bottle of supercharged, creamy, deliciousness? Here at UFIT, we like to give you a little more than just a protein drink. This is why we have crammed 180mg of natural caffeine into just 1 bottle and left out all of the added sugar that you might find in other energy drinks. This is equivalent to a mug of coffee which makes it the perfect pick me up for anytime of the day.


Our PRO50 Iced Latte is also packed full with 50g of protein making it the ideal healthier snack alternative to help keep you fuller for longer. We recommend to drink over 2 servings throughout the day but we know that some of you just can’t resist gulping in 1 go!


Fast Facts About Caffeine!

  • Can help to improve energy levels by stimulating hormones and sending messages to the brain
  • Caffeine can speed up metabolism and fat burning processes
  • Potentially can help to reduce the risk of health problems such as diabetes
  • A source of useful antioxidants
  • Can help to improve physical activity by increasing adrenaline levels







2 thoughts on “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!

  1. My daughter is 12 13 in 2 days she’s 13 on the 28th anyway she drank one off your 22g protein coffee ice late milkshakes and I’m just wondering if she will be ok

    • Hi Grace,
      Our drinks are skimmed milk based and the Iced Latte contains arabica coffee so they do have a little bit of caffeine in which is comparable to small cup of coffee.
      Many parents do give UFIT to their children but I would advise speaking to your GP or a nutrition expert if you have any concerns or questions.
      Hope that helps.

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