Ufit is Fuelling London with Whistlestop

Whistlestop Logo HI-res

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are now working with Whistlestop stores and we’re on a big mission to fuel London with protein goodness. Whistlestop specialise in providing convenience with a speedy service and now you can grab one of our nutritious Ufit drinks when you’re on-the-go in the capital!

With a general lack of healthy options in convenience stores, our mission is to ensure that one of our nutritious drinks is never far away. Protein is not just for gym goers and sports people but a fundamental part of your diets and essential to your day-to-day well being. The benefits of protein are wide ranging from helping support stronger muscles and bones to helping you feel fuller for longer.

Our drinks are the perfect portable protein snack and won’t leave you feeling hungry half an hour later. Research has shown that protein can keep you satisfied for longer which in turn will keep you on top or your day whether you’re heading in to work or for a hard day of retail therapy.

So next time you’re up against it in the morning and don’t have time to grab breakfast then don’t worry we’ve got you covered. If you’re dashing across the city from meeting to meeting and don’t have time to stop and eat, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve just been to the gym and need something to help feed your hard working body, we’ve got you covered!

In partnership with Whistlestop, we’re Fuelling London with Ufit.

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