Top 5 Hunger Fighting Foods


We all know that dieting can be tough. One of the main reasons for many of us throwing in the towel is we get fed up with being hungry and cave in to the 3pm biscuit tin. The best way to avoid this is to make food choices which keep you feeling fuller for longer. We have put together some of the best hunger fighting foods that you can try adding to your diet.


uFit-22g-Protein-ChocolateProtein – An absolute must, not just for those looking to gain muscle building benefits from

the gym or exercise (we are not a sports nutrition brand!) but also for those wanting to slim down or have a healthy and

convenient snack that they can call upon at any time of the day. This miracle macronutrient

is proven to keep you feeling fuller for longer! Some healthy choices of protein are lean

meats, fish, eggs, Greek yoghurt and UFIT drinks. Our tip is to keep your fridge stocked up so

you can just grab and go at any time.


oats-in-wooden-bowl-and-on-wooden-spoon-facebookOats – High in fibre, low in fat and a great source of low GI carbohydrates. A bowl of oats is a

great hunger fighting breakfast to start the day. Oats release energy over a longer period of

time so combined with protein can really help you keep hunger at bay for longer periods of

time. This means that you are less likely to grab a chocolate bar at 11am.


Rows of dry beans and lentils.Legumes – Beans, chick peas and lentils are all great hunger fighting options. Full of fibre

which is great for supporting a stronger immune system! Legumes are also high in protein.





Vegetables – Not an obvious choice but choosing low calorie veggies that you can fill up and

will work wonders for your hunger pangs. Choose green vegetables with a high water

content like broccoli or spinach which also helps keep us feeling full.


static1.squarespace.com_Nuts & nut butters – Unsalted nuts and pure, no added sugar nut butters can be a dieter’s best friend. Full of healthy fats which are great for satiety levels. Just keep an eye on portion

sizes because if you are a peanut butter lover like we are you can get carried away and a few

teaspoons can often turn to half a jar!



Try including some or all of these foods in your diet and see if they help to fight those hunger pangs! We always recommend incorporating a combination of all of the above to keep the variety in your diet and to give your body the full spectrum of nutrients it needs.

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