I Don’t Go To The Gym So Do I Need Protein?

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A question we get asked more than any other is why the need for protein if we’re not hitting the gym. Unfortunately there is still a big misconception that protein is only for gym-goers which couldn’t be further from the truth. UFIT has been designed for general health conscious individuals who live busy lifestyles and require a delicious and convenient healthy option.

We are passionate about sharing the benefits of protein with everyone so read about how this super nutrient can benefit you!

But firstly what is protein? 

Protein is a macro-nutrient made up of small compounds called amino acids. Every cell in our body including our muscle, skin, hair and nails is made up of these amino acids which is why they are vital in our diet.

Protein is most commonly found in meat, fish and dairy products but can also be found in smaller amounts in vegetables and grains.

Protein cannot me made by the human body so we rely on a regular intake from our diet to ensure our protein levels are kept topped up.



So what are the benefits of protein?

Protein is the secret super-food, with a host of benefits that can benefit everyone no matter your lifestyle.

Firstly, ensuring your diet is rich in protein will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, which means you are much less likely to give into unhealthy snacks and treats.

Protein is also vital for healthy skin, hair and nails. So if you’re looking for clearer skin and strong hair & nails, eating enough protein is a fantastic place to start!

UFIT is packed with 22g of essential protein giving you a convenient and delicious way of boosting your protein during the day. Try adding a bottle a day to your diet and reap the fantastic benefits of protein in your life.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Go To The Gym So Do I Need Protein?

  1. I’ve just bought the ufit protein shake after I was introduced to the protein products by my brother in law which was really inspiring as he has protein all the time. The small variation of flavoured Arla protein yogurts which are currently on offer at tesco is 3 for £3, they taste totally amazing, emerse yourselfes whenever people decide to have them as they are very filling in theory generally they are designed to give you energy also to conquer our cravings too. I most would definately reccomend it to all the fitness folks, However I have a questions to ask despite my learning disability I’m always forever been inspired by fitness as I totally love and embrace home (HIT)- High Intensity workouts…. that is amazingly benefitting, including swimming workout sessions that I undertake now and again that consist of 50 lenghts.
    Would I need to take these before swimming? also when I drink these in the morning are these likely to deprive me of sleep at night for when I go to bed… Basically I like to keep fit as much as possible I never intend or even do excessive exercising… I’m just curious purely because I suffered from excessive tension headaches as of now I’m currently on diazepam 2mg to help relax my head so I’m able to have proper sleep hooked up on camomile lavendar herbal teas aswell even have a healthy diet lifestyle at the same time. My gp reccomended me to try the protein but also told me to enquire about these drinks :)

    • Hi Kieara,
      Many thanks for your comment and questions. It’s great to hear how active you are, well done! 50 lengths is excellent, not sure we have any strong swimmers in the UFIT office!
      We would recommend having UFIT in between meals and after any exercise you may participate in given you sound like you are very active. Your protein requirements will tend to be higher given your level of activity. The drinks have no effect on your sleep so no need to worry about that.
      Keep them chilled in your fridge and you can grab one whenever you need to in order to keep your protein stores topped up.
      Hope this helps.
      Terry (co-owner/co-founder)

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