The Crunch With A Protein Punch

Here at ÜFIT, we are most commonly known for our range of high protein milkshakes. However, as most of you know, we decided to branch out into the high protein snacking sector and ÜFIT Crunchers were born! The ÜFIT range is aimed at both male and female consumers and has been developed to suit the […]

Veganuary- NEW Plant Powered Protein

Are you taking part in Veganuary 2019 and looking for a nice tasting vegan friendly snack with great nutritional values? Look no further!   Here at UFIT Drinks, we are mainly known for our variety of high protein milkshakes and have recently extended our range. We are the first to cater for consumers who follow a ‘flexitarian’ lifestyle […]

Protein Bread Pudding

There’s nothing like a comforting dessert on a cold, dark evening. Why not warm up this winter with our Protein Bread Pudding recipe! With help from The Protein Chef we have managed to create another delicious and healthier alternative for you to try! To watch the full recipe video click here to visit our Instagram […]