Shape up for summer

Getting your summer body on Holiday booked….check. Passport up to date….check. Happy with your body….hmm not so much. We all go through the same routine every year and we face the same worries and insecurities about how we will look in a bikini or swimming shorts when the holiday finally comes around. Well how about […]

A simple guide protein and amino acids

Simplifying protein and amino acids Proteins are referred to as the essential building blocks of the body. Proteins are made of a collection of amino acids known as ‘chains’ and can take a variety of forms including bones, nails, teeth, skin, teeth, muscles and the general components of every cell in our body. We’re often told […]

Protein Your Weight Loss Weapon

The amount of calories you consume from protein in your diet is essential when it comes to influencing your metabolic rate which in turn has an effect on your ability to lose weight. High quality protein sources also help you increase your muscle tone during your weight loss programme, improve your overall fitness levels and […]

How we create your drinks

We often get asked how our amazing drinks are made. No we don’t have a herd of cows at our HQ that we have to milk every day, luckily we have a fantastic network of experienced farmers that do that for us ensuring we have the freshest and most nutritious milk for our products! And […]