Can Collagen Give Us Younger Looking Skin?

We love collagen here at Beauty Milk HQ so we’ve included it in our best-selling Collagen+ Beauty Milk product. There are loads of reasons why we love collagen, mainly due to the wealth of health & beauty benefits of adding it into your diet. Benefits of collagen As you age, the skin starts to look […]

The Benefits Of High Protein Snacks

There’s a reason why there has been such a huge boom in the market for protein enriched snacks. Research has suggested there are many benefits of snacking on high protein foods like eggs and UFIT drinks. We’ve put together a simple to understand guide to exactly what those benefits are and how you can easily […]

The Many Benefits Of Collagen

The many benefits of collagen You may have heard more and more people talking about collagen and its many benefits, from helping improve skin, hair and nails to how it can help keep your joints supple and healthy. We love collagen here at The Protein Drinks Company which is why we’ve included it in our […]

Benefits Of Protein At Breakfast

Protein for the breakfast of champions It’s no secret that we are nuts about protein! It forms the basis of everything we do here at UFIT Drinks and we’re committed to helping you understand the many benefits of this wonder nutrient. We all know that protein is important in your diet but it’s the WHEN […]

I Don’t Go To The Gym So Do I Need Protein?

A question we get asked more than any other is why the need for protein if we’re not hitting the gym. Unfortunately there is still a big misconception that protein is only for gym-goers which couldn’t be further from the truth. UFIT has been designed for general health conscious individuals who live busy lifestyles and […]