Banana Waffle Protein Freakshake (2)

Banoffee Waffle UFIT Protein Freakshake!

We’ve teamed up with our good friend Protein Chef to create a range of delicious protein packed Freakshakes! 

We know these are totally outrageous and we do not suggest you add them to your daily diet, but for a treat that’s slightly less naughty why not give it a try! These are a new theme at the UFIT office and the only rule we have is the more over-the-top the better!


All you need is…

1 bottle of UFIT banana

Peanut butter

Sliced banana

Light squirty cream

2 waffles – why not try this fab recipe for protein waffles from Protein Chef – recipe here

Toffee sauce

Chopped nuts

To find out how to make it you can watch our simple to follow video – here.

Don’t forget UFIT banana is available from Tesco, One Stop or directly from us here

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