How we create your drinks

We often get asked how our amazing drinks are made. No we don’t have a herd of cows at our HQ that we have to milk every day, luckily we have a fantastic network of experienced farmers that do that for us ensuring we have the freshest and most nutritious milk for our products! And […]

Ingredient Spotlight – Calcium

Calcium plays a number of pivotal roles within your body and is essential for people of all ages. Calcium is well known for a number of reasons, most notably it’s rich presence in milk and its benefits to keeping bones strong and healthy, but I bet there are other things you didn’t know about calcium! […]

Ingredient Spotlight – Collagen

Collagen is a protein that has been shown in studies to help regenerate and synthesise cartilage. Collagen Hydrolysate typically comes from pigs, cows, oxen, chicken or sheep and offers a number of health related and physical benefits that we bet you were never aware of! Collagen is a completely natural product and contains over 97% […]

Live well with protein

Protein is a super nutrient and is known for providing the building blocks of the body. Protein is also essential for keeping your health in tip top shape along with contributing to the growth maintenance of muscle mass and we’re not talking about building t-shirt Arnie, but general all round strength to give your best […]

The Beauty of Collagen

Let us answer a few of your burning questions about this super nutrient and how it can help you support skin firmness, hydration and elasticity as well as promoting healthier hair and nails. Sounds amazing right? Well we think it is! What is collagen? Collagen is a protein made up of a unique combination of […]