New Year New UFIT!

Happy New Year from everyone at UFIT HQ! We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the festivities and are ready and raring to go now 2017 is upon us.  It’s an exciting time for UFIT, with the launch of our three brand new flavours Iced Latte, Banana & Creamy Vanilla as well as the introduction of our […]

Low Carb Chocolate & Coconut Protein Tarts

Have you tried turning UFIT into custard? No? Our friend Protein Chef shows you how easy it is as she creates these incredible Chocolate & Cocount Protein Tarts! Ingredients 100g coconut flour 40g coconut oil 10g cocoa 30g Sukrin sugar free icing sugar 30g liquid egg 1 tbsp unsweetened desiccated coconut 1/2 bottle UFIT chocolate […]

I Don’t Go To The Gym So Do I Need Protein?

A question we get asked more than any other is why the need for protein if we’re not hitting the gym. Unfortunately there is still a big misconception that protein is only for gym-goers which couldn’t be further from the truth. UFIT has been designed for general health conscious individuals who live busy lifestyles and […]

Vanilla Chai Bites

If you thought UFIT was purely a drink then think again! Hognuts ambassador Vian has created this fantastic recipe for delicious Vanilla Chia Bites made using new Creamy Vanilla flavour UFIT Pro 50!  Ingredients 100 ml Vanilla UFIT Pro 50 50 ml coconut milk 10g cocoa butter 5g coconut oil ½ teaspoon cinnamon ½ teaspoon […]